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Moba France Service department

Building strong relationships with our French customers

As France is one of the leading egg-producing countries in Europe, Moba recognized the importance of local presence. That is why Moba opened a Moba France SAS office back in September 2019. Now, almost four years later, our French team has established a strong presence and our customers in the region know that they can always count on the dedicated Moba France team in their time of need.


At Moba France, our Service team is committed to providing quality support to our customers, using their knowledge and experience. "I am very proud of the Service team we have established at our office," says Mr. Nicolas Chevalier, Moba France Service Manager. "I work with a team of dedicated professionals who go the extra mile for our customers. Mr. Sebastian Pertuisel is our HelpDesk coordinator. We receive between 150 to 200 calls per month from customers seeking advice to optimally utilize their equipment, schedule preventive maintenance or help in their time of need. They know that we are there for them, whenever they need us. Our Spare Part department is run by Mrs. Catherine Boisard and Mrs. Geraldine Gautier. We receive around 1,600 orders for parts per year. At the moment, we have 1,700 items in stock. To enhance efficiency, Moba France technicians carry a stock of spare parts (around 500 items) in their trucks, enabling them to quickly troubleshoot to save time and money. Mr. Yven Jeffrey is our Technical Service Assistant. In addition, we have five engineers and three freelance engineers, all highly skilled professionals who provide onsite support to our customers."


Moba France was established four years ago, and since its foundation, the team has grown significantly. Nicolas: "It is very important to support all our valued customers with their daily operations. By expanding our Service team, we are now able to offer service hours on Saturdays. This means that Moba France is available to respond to inquiries from Monday morning until Saturday 5:00 PM. Outside these hours, the Moba HelpDesk in the Netherlands takes over both day and night. And we have more exciting news to share. We are strengthening our service team even further, probably by hiring two more service engineers to compensate for our high level of activity."

Our technicians attend an average of two to three training sessions each year, either at the Moba Technical Training Center in Barneveld or through mandatory or customized training.

Avoiding problems

Responding to calls is one side of providing service. By closely monitoring the equipment that runs at customers' plants, Moba can reduce machine downtime to a minimum. Key to this is preventive maintenance to avoid potential machinery issues. Since the launch of this offer at Space 2022, 45 customers in France have subscribed to this service.

Once the maintenance is scheduled, any necessary parts are delivered before the visit and any unused parts are returned after the maintenance. Nicolas adds: "It is worth mentioning that Moba technicians provide a detailed internal report after each visit to trace all the operations performed on Moba equipment, as well as any necessary future operations. These pieces of information are accessible to all members of the Moba Group technical service to ensure smooth continuity of service."

Facing challenges
Moba France has faced some challenging years, starting with the grip of Covid-19 on the world and continuing with the outbreak of bird flu in the past year. Because of the latter, 16 million birds (mostly ducks) were killed to comply with safety rules. This also necessitated a change in the way the Service team operates when visiting customers on-site. Nicolas explains: "As part of our commitment to quality, we recently had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Jean-Charles Donval, a veterinarian from the Chêne Vert network, to the Moba France office. Dr. Donval shared valuable information about the contamination risks that egg producers face, with a focus on salmonella and avian influenza. This allowed our team to enhance our understanding of these issues and update our biosafety procedures, such as car cleaning, disposable clothes, and the use of overshoes, during visits to farms and conditioning centers."


"This is just one example of our pursuit of continuous improvement, as we constantly strive to expand our knowledge. Our technicians attend an average of two to three training sessions each year, either at the Moba Technical Training Center in Barneveld or through mandatory or customized training."


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