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MR30 Case-display-combi


MR30 Case-display-combi

The MR30 is a smart combination of the capabilities of the MR10 plus additional capabilities to handle displays.

This robot can be set up either as case packer or as a display loader. It can only be connected inline in a limited number of configurations and will therefore mostly be positioned offline, that is away from the egg grading machine.

The MR30 can be equipped with all the options available for the MR10 plus all the additional options in display pallet handling.

SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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Technical Data MR30 Case-Display-combi
Function Case packing and display loading
Capacity indication (eggs/hour) 25,000 - 40,000
Footprint indication (L x W) 5570 x 2141 mm
Power supply

Suitable for all 3 phase + neutral systems, both 200-230V and 380-420V, 50 or 60Hz

Power consumption


Air supply

6,5 - 8,5 bar

Air consumption

15 m3/hour (designed as free air with pressure of 1 bar)


3 C°


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