All the info you need at your fingertips... anywhere

All the information you need at your fingertips... anywhere

Your egg grader produces a considerable amount of data. You probably collect numbers from various reports to see how your business is progressing. But collecting and updating this data requires both people and processes. iMoba does all this fully automatically. Whether you use a tablet, desktop or a smartphone, a quick reference dashboard shows the current status of your operation. For an introduction to iMoba, watch this movie.

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If you subscribe to our Performance Pro module, you can zoom in and instantly create up-to-date reports - wherever you are. Moba recently introduced the next step in data processing with the Realtime Dashboard. 

This module allows the user to create a customized dashboard with information that is important to that particular user. You can also create a team dashboard that can be displayed on a large screen on a strategical place. This will give the team the same status of the Omnia grader and will ease production floor communications.

Need to know how your egg grader is performing?

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