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El calvario, an achievement in mexico

First Omnia PX700 installed in Latin America

Just one year after the launch of the Omnia PX700 at the IPPE show in Atlanta, El Calvario, the leading company in the poultry industry in Mexico and Latin America, has successfully installed an Omnia PX700. As the first operational Omnia PX700 in Latin America, this is a huge achievement.

El Calvario produces and distributes eggs with 100% Mexican capital. Over 11,000,000 eggs leave its facilities each day heading to the market. Of the company’s production, 75% is consumed in south-east Mexico and 25% in Mexico City. Its mission? To produce and sell high-quality eggs using technology and processes that focus on customer satisfaction, and provide the most inexpensive source of animal protein. El Calvario aims, in cooperation with its partner Moba, to be more influential in the supermarket business.


The first Omnia PX700 sold in LATAM is an offline machine with two loaders. Our Mexican service team, supported by a Dutch service team, did an amazing job in completing this challenging installation.   


This sale is an example of Moba's growing presence in Mexico and the reliability of our company for LATAM producers. Area Sales Manager, Enrique Machorro: “The main poultry companies in Mexico are gradually moving towards grading eggs in a changing domestic market.” 


A story by Enrique Machorro, Area Sales Manager


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