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aha frisch-ei, our german customer

Over 100 years of commitment to fresh eggs 

In 1911 Bernhard Amshoff, grandfather of current owner, Johannes-Bernhard Amshoff, founded AHA Frisch-Ei B. Amshoff GmbH in Ahle, near Ahaus in Germany. The highest level of quality and freshness of eggs have always been the top priorities for AHA Frisch-Ei. This family-owned business, now under the stewardship of the third generation, has been serving the market with these ideals for more than 100 years.


Continuous growth

AHA Frisch-Ei's commitment to freshness and top-quality eggs was a great success in the German market. The company experienced continuous growth from the start and found in Moba a reliable manufacturer for all their grading needs. AHA Frisch-Ei started with handpacking machines. By the end of the 1970s AHA Frisch-Ei ordered the first automatic grader, a Moba2000. In 1983 our German customer expanded its capacity with the Moba3500. Ten years later, with the rebuild and modernisation of the packing station, the Moba5000 was installed. The company kept on growing, so in 2005 Mr Amshoff decided on another expansion with an Omnia FT170 and a new site, providing the 8,000 m2 facility for today's production. By 2009 AHA Frisch-Ei had to make the switch to the Omnia FT500 to keep up with the high demands of the market. Finally, in 2017, an Omnia PX530 was installed along with an MR50, four MR30s and one MR40. AHA Frisch-Ei's packing station is now equipped with a high-quality grading system for all weight classes and is considered one of the most modern packing stations in Germany.

The everyday operation of grading is performed by a committed team, led by owner Johannes-Bernhard and his wife, Anette Amshoff. Today, AHA Frisch-Ei supplies regional and national customers in various businesses including bakeries, catering, restaurants, hotels and grocery shops up to big discounters in Germany, using their own fleet of trucks. The products range from fresh eggs in various keeping methods to coloured or peeled eggs and even up to individually printed eggs for advertisements.


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