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noble foods, our customer from the uk

Robotics is the answer to future challenges

Noble Foods is the United Kingdom's leading company in the vertically integrated egg market. They work with a network of farms, packing centers, feed mills, egg processors and hen processors across the country, ensuring top-quality and traceable eggs. To face tomorrow's challenges, the company made a massive investment in robotics in 2018. Noble Foods entrusted Moba with this project.


This is not the first time that Noble Foods has placed their trust and business in Moba's hands. In the past, Noble Foods has invested in an end-to-end automated system with Moba, for the new packing center at their Standlake site. This latest investment is for their established packing center in North Scarle.


Noble Foods is choosing to invest in robotics so that they can automate every single step in the egg-grading process: 

  1. Robots will lift the eggs from trays onto the egg-loading system.

  2. The egg grader scans for defects, e.g. leakers, dirt, cracks, blood or color variations.

  3. The equipment will weigh and grade the eggs.

  4. The eggs will automatically be placed in cartons or trays.

  5. These cartons and trays will automatically be placed in self-ready boxes.

  6. These boxes will be palletized by robotics.

This huge commitment to automation was the only way to go for Noble Foods, because finding staff was becoming increasingly difficult. More robotics means less manpower is required.

Thirst for innovation

The investment in automation in North Scarle's plant is a great example of the company's passion for innovation. This passion began back in 1920, when founder William Dean started collecting eggs from smallholders and selling them door-to-door in and around Tring in Hertfordshire under the name Deans Farm. The business prospered and it wasn't long until William and his family were selling eggs to local grocery stores and supermarkets in the south. The Dean's had a clear vision and a thirst for acquisition and innovation, which ensured continuous growth for their company.


In 2006, the company was renamed Noble Foods. The portfolio and the company continued to grow and so did their passion for innovation. In 2009, Noble Foods launched the 'Happy Egg Co.' brand, which quickly became the UK's leading egg brand. Today, Noble Foods is the primary supplier of farm-fresh eggs to the major retailers and it is the market leader in the UK for egg products.


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