The Tanujroshi farm, our Indian customer

The Tanujroshi farm, established in 1989, is one of the largest egg farms in North India. Over 400,000 eggs are processed at this poultry farm every day. All of these eggs are graded and packed with Moba equipment. The Tanujroshi farm is the only company in India that uses Moba machines to grade and pack eggs and currently the only one that sanitises egg shells using UV lights.

Tanujroshi applies a ‘farm to fork’ principle. The company sells 100% natural and antibiotic free range eggs under a well-known brand called HenFruit. HenFruit is sold in over 1,000 locations all over the world. Major clients include Walmart, CP Wholesale, Flipkart, Amazon, Spar, Spencers and Bigbasket. Hotels such as Taj, Oberoi, Club Carlson and flight kitchens are also part of their customer base.


After eating this type of food for a few weeks I saw the enormous changes in my body and I felt healthier and stronger. I realized how much I missed out on in the big urban jungle.

Mr. Tarun Gupta, the owner of Tanujroshi farm, explains how his dream for HenFruit started: “Growing up in Punjab, I always ate food that came from local farms. If you know any Punjabi mothers, then you’ll know that the one thing they love most is feeding their family. Back in those days everything was free from pesticides and tasted amazing. But as time passed by, more people moved to the big cities and things became more westernised, with processed food.” A new term ‘lifestyle diseases’ emerged; the result of an unhealthy lifestyle in the so-called modern cities. Mr. Gupta didn’t realize that he had an unhealthy lifestyle until he visited his old hometown: “I tasted healthy and delicious food once again and realized what the city had taken away from me. After eating this type of food for few weeks I saw the enormous changes in my body and I felt healthier and stronger. I realized how much I missed out on in the big urban jungle. I started digging deep for information to find out  why the food we all were eating was affecting our health and our bodies. It soon became clear that the supposedly ‘all natural’ food, that was spreading like an epidemic in the city, wasn’t ‘all natural’ and had to be replaced. This has become my mission. I realized how difficult it had become for people to find natural food in the cities of India. People desperately wanted to move towards a healthier diet but there was no one to cater to their needs.”

Our passion for food became a dream.

That was when the dream of Mr. Tarun Gupta, and the mission for his company, was born: "Our passion for food became a dream. A dream to provide our nation with natural, nutritious and healthy food. A dream that 500+ ‘dreamers’ today work for; a dream that we call HenFruit."


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