Roskar, our russian customer

Long-time Moba customer and Pelbo-Moba customer since 2016

Roskar, one of the oldest and most experienced egg-processing companies in Russia, has been a Moba customer for many years. In 2016 they also became a Pelbo customer. A great example how the cooperation gives Moba a larger share in the egg breaking and processing market and Pelbo the opportunity to expand their customer base.

About 25 years ago the company started processing eggs using a small egg breaking line. To sustain its continuous  growth in the egg industry, Roskar constantly upgrades its plant with the latest technology available. The last upgrade in 2015 was very important since the company had to triple its capacity in order to be able to process up to three million eggs per day. After studying different solutions that were available on the market at the time, the company decided upon Pelbo’s system for egg breaking/separation and shell processing. Its choice was based on product quality, reliability and efficiency of the Pelbo egg-breaking system, and also on the professional engineering ability of Pelbo engineers.


Roskar, having so much experience in this field, had special requirements that needed a lot of customisation. That was not the only difficulty in this project:

- The existing plant with its old equipment had to work non-stop, even during installation and commissioning of new equipment.

- Switching to the Pelbo equipment had to be done in a few days.

The order was carried out as planned. Roskar has since been operating the breaking system at maximum speed. Roskar’s expectations were fulfilled by Pelbo and Roskar looks forward to future cooperation.


A story by Danilo Scabbia


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