Szijarto, a strong player in the Hungarian egg market

Taking the business to the next level

Moba has recently welcomed Szijarto, one of the leading companies within the Hungarian egg market, as a customer. The company was looking for a manufacturer that could offer the complete solution and a strong service network to take the business to the next level. They decided to go with Moba and this decision has led to the first Omnia PX530 being installed in Hungary.


In 1986, Mr. Attila Szijarto Sr. established his company "Szijarto" as a private enterprise specializing in the poultry and egg market. At the start, its target market was groceries and food processing companies: over the years, this has expanded to include chain stores as well. This family business is known for its devotion to top-quality products and as a strong player in the Hungarian egg market. To meet market requirements, Szijarto in 2002,  built a new and modern egg grading and packing station. In 2019, to take the company one step further, Szijarto decided to renovate the plant and invest in new equipment. An organized customer visit to Holland gave them a great impression of what Moba robotics could do for their business. Szijarto was convinced that investing in Moba equipment and committing to automation was the way to go in the future.

Szijarto purchased the first Omnia PX530 in Hungary, equipped with the MR50 depalletizer, an Easylift, case conveyor, case identification/label unit MCI10, case taper 704 and two-level Contiflow system including the TL10 coupon dispenser.


Installation in 2020

Despite all the travel restrictions and other measures due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the delivery and installation of the machinery went according to plan in June 2020. Mr. Volmer Kuper, Project Manager at Moba, coordinated the installation process. With the support of Moba's Service team, the machinery was installed and now, the equipment is up and running.


Szijarto is very pleased with the new equipment, the installation process and the high level of service received and is very happy with the decision to commit to Moba.



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