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Introducing the Mopack EP

Combining gentle egg handling with high efficiency

As the recognized leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing machines, Moba is constantly looking for ways to improve its customers' businesses by developing and realizing best-value solutions. That is why we have added a new member to our Mopack family: the Mopack EP. Our new farmpacker combines gentle egg handling with high efficiency and can handle 27,000 eggs per hour*.


First things first — what exactly does the Mopack EP do? Farmpackers focus on efficiently packing eggs directly from poultry houses into trays. The primary goal during this process is to prepare the eggs for transport to an offline packing station, where they will be graded and packed into consumer packs. In essence, a farmpacker operates as the connecting link between layer houses and offline packing stations. For farmers who sell their eggs to egg grading and packing stations, the packing process on the farm itself is crucial. The difference between using a good and a bad farmpacker can make a significant difference in the number of cracked eggs, which has an enormous effect on the yearly profit. Besides gentle egg handling, you are also looking for an efficient way to handle the eggs, preferably without interruptions, and therefore achieve a high net output. This ultimately reduces the amount of labor you have to put into packing the eggs.

How the Mopack EP makes the difference
Moba has taken customer feedback to heart and introduced a new addition to our Mopack family: the Mopack EP (Efficient Packing). This farmpacker is designed to receive eggs from layer houses and pack them into 30-egg trays.


Geldard farm eggsImpressive performance 

Since 2008, Geldard Farm Eggs, a family-owned business in the North West of England, has been a valued Moba customer. Earlier this year, the Mopack EP was delivered and smoothly installed at their premises, making them one of the first users of our latest innovation in farmpacking. Mr. Richard Geldard, director of the company, is highly satisfied with his decision to adopt the Mopack EP: "To date, the new machine is performing well, enabling us to reduce the time spent on packing eggs while enhancing the quality of our packed eggs. We are delighted with the initial performance of the Mopack EP and firmly believe that it will continue to be a productive, long-term machinery investment from Moba for our business."

The Mopack EP comes with all the expected benefits and user-friendly features of a Moba farmpacker, seamlessly combining Moba's well-known gentle egg handling with remarkable efficiency. With a gross capacity to handle 75 cases per hour, it stands out as one of the most efficient farmpackers available on the market!


Rest assured; your precious eggs are treated with the utmost care throughout the entire process. This is because the arriving eggs are collected by the accumulator. This device utilizes various sensors and a patent-pending transition plate to regulate the influx of eggs. This unique method of controlling egg flow reduces the frequency of machine stops, enhances packing efficiency, and, above all, minimizes the potential impact on the eggs.

Moba prioritizes food safety, recognizing its utmost importance for every egg producer. That is why we have meticulously designed the Mopack with easy cleaning in mind. The Mopack EP is crafted using stainless steel and incorporates Moba's renowned synthetic parts, ensuring hygienic and gentle egg handling. The simple yet robust design makes it easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance tasks. It even features a dedicated cleaning mode on board, positioning the machine for easy access to all parts.

Furthermore, with mechanical drives and simplified settings, our latest Farmpacker is exceptionally user-friendly. Moreover, the EP boasts an incredibly compact footprint, allowing it to seamlessly fit even in the smallest packing rooms of egg producers!


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